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Homeschooled High School Student Summer Internship Opportunity at MIT

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Homeschooled High School Student Summer Internship Opportunity at MIT -- Spend your

summer learning and doing state-of-the-art science in an MIT Research Lab!


Prof. Matt Shoulders' Group (https://shoulderslab.mit.edu/): The Shoulders Lab is broadly

interested in understanding protein folding in human cells and in the development of new

biotechnologies using directed evolution.


Prof. Michael Strano's Group (http://srg.mit.edu/): The Strano Lab seeks to understand

nanometer-scale phenomena using mathematics and chemistry and invent new technologies for

health, energy, food production, and materials science. The Lab is offering projects that span

engineering, programming, biology, chemistry, and energy.


Details: In total, we will be hosting 2–4 high school students from the homeschooled community

for 8 weeks this summer (~20 hours/week of work in lab and 10 hours/week of study outside

lab). Additional labs beyond the Shoulders and Strano Groups may also host students. If you are

interested in a career in science or engineering, this opportunity is a great way to gain experience

and learn what it is all about. You will be directly mentored by an MIT PhD student or

postdoctoral fellow to participate in frontier research in chemical biology, chemical engineering,

or the like, gain experience in both basic and advanced lab skills, become acquainted with the

scientific literature, and present at scientific meetings.


Requirements: Appropriate candidates for this internship will be homeschooled high school

sophomores or juniors at least 16 years of age by June 1, committed and mature, have a very

strong interest in chemistry, biology, and/or bioengineering, and a solid science background at

the high school level. The internship will involve a time commitment of ~30 hours/week over the

8-week period, paid at a rate of $12.75/hour. Candidates MUST be able to participate

continuously in the internship from June 8–July 31. This opportunity does not include travel,

MIT housing, or other accommodation. Parents will be responsible for all such arrangements,

including provisions for local guardianship for the student. MIT is committed to the principle of

equal opportunity in education and employment. All candidates are welcome.


How to Apply for the Internship: Send your resume, high school transcript, and a two-page

description of your background, what motivates you to pursue scientific research, and the types

of research that most interest you to Betty Lou McClanahan (blm@mit.edu) by March 10, 2020.

Candidates will be selected for phone interviews approximately mid-March.


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