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Im into chapter 2 and I’m enjoying squares, and I just thought I would tell you all that the next perfect square year will be 2025 which is 45^2!
And I worked that out all by myself by counting on perfect squares from the easy one of 40^2 (1600...easy) and then each one more is 

when a is the year

a^2 + 2a + 1

thus counting on from sixteen hundred in perfect square years we get 

1681 (41^2)

1764 (42^2)

1849 (43^2)

1936 (44^2)

2025 (45^2)!!!!

Can you believe I just spent about an hour working that out just for fun! 😅😅😅😅😅

I never thought I would do sums for fun! Thank you @square_25 and others who are helping me on this journey.

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Isn't that a great explanation? That part really got me going,  too! I'd never understood it before in that way!

When  I learned that part, I actually showed my neighbor. I made him watch me on a whiteboard.  He was a gem. 😂

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