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lunch stackable "box"

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Since being put on a special diet, I've been having a hard time with meals out or changes in schedule that make dashing home for lunch impossible.  I always pack a snack in case I run late somewhere or an appt or meeting is scheduled close to snack or meal time.  Oldest dd will graduate college this spring.  The graduation starts at 10 in the morning.  There is no reception, but I know we will need lunch.  Her college is 2 hours away.  I'll need to pack something.  There are a few other things coming up too that means I'll need more than snacks.

I need something that will keep cold foods cold.  I'm not as concerned about hot foods hot, but that might be a nice thing.  I need to pack multiple things: protein, carb, veggie.  It can't be too bulky.  I have a cooler and can use that, but I'd still need containers.  Is there a good quality stackable lunch "box" or some such that fits this description?

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