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Economics game recommendations?

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I'm looking for an economics game or simulation that I could use for a co-op class. This would be for 7-10th graders. Ideally, I'd like a game where kids would choose a business, plan a marketing strategy, make advertisements, and then have real-life scenarios thrown at them so that they would have to make business decisions. I'd like them to understand about paying insurance and taxes, and dealing with employees and customers. 

I've seen some that are completely on-line, but I'd like something that we can do in a classroom without access to computers.  TIA.

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What you might want is something like a mini-economy curriculum.  I looked at doing a mini civilization class at one point so I had some of these resources bookmarked, but they weren't exactly what I was looking for at the time. They might work for what you are considering though!

These are some examples:

 Ecopolis: An Interactive Discovery-Based Economics Unit for High-Ability Learners (Interactive Discovery-Based Units for High-Ability Learners)

The Mini-Society Workbook: Everything You Need to Create a Mini-Society in Your Classroom

Classroom mini economy

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