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Handwriting for K student


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DD is 2 months shy of turning 5. She was ambidextrous until recently. Within the past 6 months she began favoring her left hand when writing. She's completed the ETC primer series (Get Ready, Get Set, Go for the Code) which includes some handwriting but we haven't done much formal handwriting instruction outside of that. As we worked through ETC Book 1, I realized her handwriting needed some work. A month ago I started her on the HWT Kickstart Kindergarten workbook and she's taken very well to it, although there are some things I do not care for (such as the capital Y, or the start placement of C). In addition to the HWT book, I have her trace her name (not on the same day, usually we alternate between the workbook and tracing work). She can write it free hand, but I feel the tracing helps with legibility. We have seen a lot of improvement in just a month of dedicating a solid 5 - 10 minutes to handwriting daily, however I'm beginning to question our pace. We are already half way through the HWT workbook and at our current pace are set to finish it in less than two weeks. I have the HWT Letters and Numbers workbook ready to go which is aimed at kindergarten students or those working at that level. At a glance, I anticipate that workbook will take us longer to work through but I'm still wondering if our current pace is too much. 

Should we scale back or add in other handwriting work to spread the HWT workbook out through a longer period of time? Maybe work in some printables from Print Path OT?Or should we keep at our pace and move on to the K HWT workbook? How far are we to go with the HWT books before switching to just Copywork for handwriting?

FWIW, she loves phonics. She knows all the letter sounds and digraphs such as ch, sh, th, wh, and ph. She is working on consonant blends and has read through the entire first box of BOB Books, and is happily working her way through ETC Book 1 which has quite a bit more writing than the primers. 

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It’s been my experience with my kids and students that you go at the pace they are setting, I remember very well slowing things down for my very young reader and letting her write with no instruction as she was young... oh the years it took to correct bad habits, go at your kids pace. If you want to slow down a little try cursive, like “Cursive First” 

have fun. 

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