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Craft kits? Oak Meadow 5?

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What are your recommendations for craft kits?

DD adores crafts (I don't), and wants more variety to our days.  I'm looking at using parts of Oak Meadow 5 for my dd10 (at least science), and I'm wondering about the craft kit. Is it just supplies? Or does it include the instructions? It would be nice to get the OM kit, but if the instructions are integrated in the language/history manual, it won't do me much good.

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20 hours ago, Paradox5 said:

Just supplies. All the craft directions are in the Lang arts/history guide.

Ok thanks. Maybe someday I’ll decide to use all of OM...

Now to search for a stand alone art/craft program that will appeal to a 10yo. She wants to bake cupcakes and cookies every day. I need to find a different (lower calorie) outlet for her creative urges. 😂

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