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Fastest Application Completion -- EVER

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About a month ago, I thought we were done with college applications.  Well, I knew USNA wasn't complete, but based upon the non-response from one Senator, the rejection from the 2nd, and PonyGirl's impressions of her interview, she didn't think she would get a nomination.  I tried to tell her to complete it anyway, she never knew what could happen ... but as the weeks passed when she was supposed to have been notified, she just felt like it was a waste.

Well, 31 January -- at 6pm, a letter arrives in the mail from our Congressman's Office.  I tell PonyGirl that her "we're sorry" letter is here, and she came down to open it.  Then you hear, "Oh No!"  -- I spin around and say in mixed shock and horror -- "You got the nomination?"  She replies, yes, to USNA AND USMMA! USNA's application closes at 11:59 on 31 January, and USMMA's closes on 1 February.  While most things are done, she hasn't completed her Personal Statement, her CFA (Candidate Fitness Assessment) OR her BGO (Blue & Gold Officer) interview.  (Her DodMRB (Medical) was done for USCGA).  I shoot off a message to an old friend of mine (USNA '92), and he's like -- she's still got 5 hours... tick-tok! I'm like -- not sure how that's going to work, she still has her CFA and BGO interview.  He asks, if she could get those done tonight, would she?  Yes, of course...which led to a flurry of texts, phone calls and flying out of our home at 8pm to meet up with her BGO officer at ODU (where my oldest son works), to complete her CFA and her interview.

Keep in mind, the child (and I) have been up since 0315 in the morning.  She's already had two full workouts that day.  She begins the fitness assessment at 8:45pm.

  • Basketball Throw (oldest son teaches her how to do it), Pitches it 30 feet (a little below average -- but not too bad).
  • Pull-ups -- 1 (she normally does 3, but 1 isn't bad apparently)
  • Shuttle Run  -- 12.5 seconds (kinda obvious from her turns that she's not a basketball player)
  • Sit-ups -- 89
  • Push-ups -- 52
  • Mile Run -- 7'23"

Then, it's interview time.

We bolt out of the ODU gym at 11:00pm -- arriving home with 10 minutes for her to finish her personal statement (she had been working on it in the car on the way to/from meeting the BGO officer.

All submitted by 11:59pm.

All this to say, if your child is hoping to go to a service academy -- complete everything that is within your control.  I have it on good authority that if your child is someone they WANT, they won't let something like not getting a nomination get in their way.  Just complete the process.

(I have no idea what will happen with USMMA, as it wasn't a nomination she requested, or was expecting -- we have the feeling someone else turned theirs down and they sent everything to PonyGirl at the last moment.  King's Point was showing her nomination was received, but USNA was not).

Thankfully, I will not go through this with PokeMan or Blondie.  I don't expect it for Boo -- but she's got a few years left and could surprise me.


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