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Me! I'm not even sure what I'm doing. We had planned for DS to start at a B&M school for 2020-21 but like all of our plans, that went out the window.

Algebra II - Derek Owens

Chemistry - Clover Valley Parent Led

AP US History - CTY

Lightening Lit British Novels (Might do through Online G3, or I might facilitate)

Linguistics - Online G3

Spanish  - HSA

Piano, environmental hero club, PE with is dad. (They are workout buds)

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On 6/28/2020 at 12:17 AM, kand said:

Do you know of a Windows to the World option that has an outside teacher? I really want to use it, but this particular kid shuts down when feedback comes from me. He's an eager student for others though. I'm trying to find a way for him to do WttW with an online class of some kind (other than Blue Tent).

I'm afraid not. When I did the curriculum with my older son, though, we invited a friend of his into the class. I found that having another student helped me stay on top of the prep work and grading and helped my son take it more seriously. Plus, discussion is livelier with three people! Perhaps you can look into getting a group together?

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DD#3 & I finally hashed this out. Most stayed the same from my first post. LA got figured out (big picture-wise) & I tweaked History a bit.

Math:  2nd pass through Algebra I w/Jacobs to make sure we're solid.
LA:  For Composition:  She asked to learn how to write essays "Mom's way" so we're going to read some essays from different sources (Breakfast from Mars, speeches, other essay books I have) & she'll practice what we discuss in her essays that she's writing for other classes. For Literature:  She asked for a 'plan' so I'm going to tweak something I have already so she does one play, 2-3 novels, and some short stories each semester plus a bit of writing.
History:  First semester will actually be US Government w/dd#2 & I. Second semester will be the start of her US History (maybe using Homeschool Connections plan, maybe using big sisters' plan)
Science:  Biology (recorded) through Homeschool Connections
Foreign Language:  Latin (recorded) through Homeschool Connections
Programming:  Continue Python
Aviation 101 through Embry Riddle



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Geometry: Jacobs

History: Ambleside Online Year 7 (Middle Ages) with some additions

English: Ambleside Online (I'll probably call it British Literature or maybe Middle Ages Literature)

Biology: Apologia

Health: Apologia

Latin: Henle II

Bible: Community Bible Study, AO Bible and Worldview readings

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