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Would this be against the rules?

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Many of us have made lesson plans for texts and courses we’ve created on our own. Would it be against the rules to start a thread to share them? What if they want to sell them? How could we keep advertisers out while supporting our fellow boardies? 
Just curious. 

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Sharing your plans with others on the board sounds like it could be a wonderful idea! I will run this question by the Press Minion (and/or SWB) and get a more definitive answer for you as well as any guidelines or restrictions that may need to be in place due to circumstances that I am unaware of. 

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Just to update y'all...

We like the idea and want to make it easy for those who want to share their plans and various uses of WTM curricula!  There are a few parameters that will need to be in place such as not copying/posting existing, published lesson plans or product as part of what is shared. And if anyone has made a WTM-derivative product such as a quiz, study aid, or lesson plan etc. and wants to sell it, they should contact us here and tell us about their product.

We would like to have a central location for these to be posted and referenced for ease of navigation and sharing. There will be a pinned thread with all information and any official guidelines spelled out. It will likely be next week. 

I will update here when that is up and ready!

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