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A tiny whine

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Ouch! I had 120 pin sticks on my back and 23 injections in the forearm with allergy testing on Tuesday. Let me say, those of you that endure things like this on a regular basis, WOW. Hats off to dealing with that! Not fun.

And today, had a couple of moles frozen off and one place sliced off. The numbing is wearing off and it stings! ANd the freezing off stuff stings too. Yeah, not so bad, but man, I am glad that appointment week is officially over as of today. Whew! Nice to get it all done in a week, but a real pain too! ANd ouch, my chest hurts from the slice off. But the guy who did it was cute ;) and nice.

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I have had reactions to several things with hives and seasonal stuff. So I thought testing would be in order as did my DR. But nothing showed up as an allergy! I guess he said I react not as an allergy but as a nonspecific response. SO things like Zytec or Allegra would not help me. I have tried them in the past and they did nothing for me, so that makes sense. I found out that taking Singulair and a nasal steriod would be helpful, and they are. The other responses I have are not systemic in that they don't get in the bloodstream. BUt if you took something that I react to and touch it to my body, I would have hives or some other response. I learned that I won't stop breathing if I eat crab! I am not allergic, apparently, in that way. I still have some bloodwork to confirm that, but it was funny that I wasn't allergic in the sense of a true allergy! Crazy!

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I have done the allergy testing. I have to get three shots every two weeks for things I am allergic to. The things that I know I react to (cats, kiwis and limes) did not show up. The said I am sensitive to those things and to avoid them if I can. I want to get a cat for company and they don't even make a shot that can help me? I feel for your pain on all the pinpricks for the testing. I felt like a pin cushion when they were done. Have some chocolate or a Mike's Lemonade to make you feel better.:D

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