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I know these editions are new. Has anyone done RS and gone on through levels G and H? My son is in level F (fifth grade) and I'm trying to figure out what to do for middle school and beyond. I emailed RS asking about the progression they used to recommend (starting videotext midway through the old level G) and I got the following response.


We now have a Second Edition Level G and Level H that has taken the place of First Edition Level G. There was a lot of work done with the First Edition Level G that provides the teacher and the student with many improvements that help the student work through the program. The improvements are so vast that we are no longer selling the First Edition Level G..


In addition, more lessons have been included in Level H that will include the final elements to Pre-Algebra. So, when the student has completed Levels G and H, they will then have the Pre-Algebra math credit and are ready to start high school Algebra.


No longer does the student need to work through any RightStart Math level along with VideoText Algebra


Here is a sample schedule that your son can use:


5th Grade - Complete Level F

6th Grade - Level G

7th Grade - Level H

8th Grade - Algebra program of your choice 

Now I'm confused because the Videotext algebra sequence includes prealgebra so if we do both G and H we would have to skip the Videotext prealgebra course. I think that might be a bad idea. It makes sense to stick with the same curriculum for prealgebra and algebra so the teaching method is the same. Has anyone done RS through middle school (G&H) and gone to something besides videotext for HS? The question I'm asking may be unanswerable simply because the new edition hasn't been out long enough.... Just looking for input/suggestions from anyone who has been there. Thanks so much!

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I am on my third child to go through right start, but the first to use level g.  The oldest completed level e 1st (then only) edition, did a bit of rod and staff and Singapore before moving to Foerster Algebra 1 in 8th.  She didn’t care for the drawing lessons and the original level g didn’t seem like a good fit.  I couldn’t clearly see where they covered fractions clearly.  My next child completed level e 1st edition (still only), did a year of Rod and staff, and then went back to complete level f when it first came out.  He finished it quickly and finished out the year with a bit of prealgebra, and moved into Foerster.  He has had a bit of a rough transition, but it is going better most days.  My next child did through level e in the first edition, did level f last year, and is in the new version of g this year as a 6th grader.  He likes drawing lessons and the deluxe drawing board and is taking the online class through rightstart.  He really likes the class!  I can’t say he has done a ton of new content, but it has reinforced a lot and given him some independence.  Our tears have mostly been when he hasn’t really read the instructions (reading has never been his forte) and he has admitted afterwards that it wouldn’t have been as hard as he made it out to be if he had just followed the instructions.  It has also increased his confidence that he is good at math.  I haven’t decided yet if he will do level H because I have seen the content, but we probably will.  We might try out a bit of video text module a over the summer to see how I like it.  We have Foerster, but I am open to new stuff. 

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