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2020 Summer Camp Thread!

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Can't believe that most of the summer camp schedules are out already!

What are your plans?

My kids would like to have more freedom, but I still want them to do some camps.  They are 13 and I work full-time.  For better or worse, they have aged out of most of the camps they've done in past years.

Some that I'm pretty sure we will do:

  • Culture camp to celebrate birth country etc.
  • Junior medical camp.
  • Kid2 will spend a lot of time at her horse barn.  Should be included in her lease anyway.
  • Kid1 - hoping to get on the "Zoo Crew" and if not, I think I will put her in zoo "Counselor in Training" and Conservation Leadership camp.  Not sure when I will know about that.


Considering day camps:

  • Academics (math and writing), but these are part-time and far from home, so I will keep looking around.  Also considering Mathnasium or just doing online math at home.  Or some combination.
  • Week-long multi-sports camp.
  • Week(s)-long girl leadership / adventure camp.
  • Scuba camp.
  • Chess camp.
  • Cooking camp.
  • Should I get the kids to volunteer for VBS?


Some other things may pop up as options later.

And the kids' friends want us to do another campout.  Not sure if we will still own the property, but we'll see.

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Debating a pool membership, which would cut significantly into the Summer Camp budget.

But I did see week long summer day camp on drawing dinosaurs and reptiles. There's a half day option for younger children, full day for the older. The younger kid is socially anxious to the point of selective mutism, but he loves dinosaurs and spends a lot of time drawing them. I was thinking I could send him to the half day and, as a security blanket, one of his older siblings to the full day. Hmm.

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I found some more interesting options in the next county over (parks system).  One in particular "wildlife vet camp" would be perfect for my eldest.

My kids have expressed that they don't really like outdoor camps.  One in particular does not do well in the heat.  That's a bummer because so many great options have come up for nature, survival, adventure, etc., but they are all outdoor of course.

I think we will do the scout camping too ... just a weekend.  They will not want to go to the longer scout camps.

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DD is applying for a 10 day field station course, which isn’t technically a camp (it’s for college students), but, if she is accepted, would serve the same purpose. She also has a conference she plans to attend. 

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I finally had a sit-down with my girls and this is where we're at so far:

  • Wildlife Vet Camp - if I can get in.  Non-County residents have to wait until next week to apply.
  • Jr. Medical Camp - high school version.  Registered and paid.
  • Culture camp - materials have not come out yet, but this is a definite yes.
  • [some weeks off, maybe travel?]
  • Zoo Conservation Leadership camp (includes 1 overnight).  Registered and paid.
  • Half day, two week writing course to prepare for high school.  Registered and paid.
  • Scuba camp is tentative depending on when Kid2's sleep-away horse camp might be.

They said no to everything else for now. 

We need to do serious math work and find some kind of regular exercise that they will do.  At home, they can do lots of cooking, start a small business, and do some projects and chores around the house.  Maybe I can find a financial kind of course ....

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Summer plans are already being finalized here. Crazy how quickly everything fills up.

Sacha won a scholarship to spend one week at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. He also registered for a week at Duke Tip's Crisis camp (a mock oil spill where he would serve on a scientific research team trying to stop the spill). He should hear back about whether he got into the Duke camp later this week. So, if he gets in, he will fly unaccompanied across the country and spend 2 weeks away from home, which will be a big deal for him.  He is also waiting on final approval for an internship with Virgin Galactic. It's already been approved by legal and HR, so it looks like everything is a go. The CEO just needs to give it his final blessing, but apparently he is really supportive of stuff like this, so it's just supposed to be a formality. This would be a dream come true for Sacha if it happens, so we are all praying that it comes through. Other than those major things, he will also do some of his usual camps again -- San Diego Junior Lifeguard camp, AoPS math camp, a coding camp, and a few fun camps at the YMCA.

Ronen will probably spend the whole summer at camps at the YMCA and his kung fu school. He had a blast at a YMCA travel camp last summer, going all over to different parks, beaches, playgrounds, attractions, etc. around Southern California. We will probably mix the travel camp with some specialty camps like cooking and art. His kung fu school has super fun theme camps like ninja, gamer, nerf, which he loves. Thankfully, the YMCA has great financial aid and my mom bought Ronen's summer camps at his kung fu school for a Hanukkah gift when they were on Black Friday special. 

I will be doing my psych and OB rotations in nursing school, along with getting a bunch of specialty certifications, so it's going to be a busy summer for all of us. 🙂

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