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diagramming indirect objects

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So this past year I decided to join a Classical Conversation co-op. In the essentials class we were discussing indirect objects and where they are diagrammed. Their EEL book has IO on the main diagram line so that it looks like this S/ V/ IO/ DO. I thought I remembered from having done Grammar for the Well Trained mind that the IO was diagrammed under the verb. So I decided to look it up, and sure enough most of what I found online had the IO under the verb. I did find one diagram that placed the IO on legs (or a tree, however you want to call it) but in the same space with the verb. I was just wondering if anyone knows why it would be different on CC's EEL? I tried looking for answers online but could not find anything explaining the difference. I am really not looking for a debate or argument, I am just curious if there is a historical change that happened or why there would be a difference like that in the way that it is diagrammed? TIA

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