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On Rainbow Resource, Remember the Days is listed for Kinder thru 6th grade, so no I don't think you could use that for high school.

What about Horrible Histories for your 6th grader?  Books and/or videos.  We loved them at our house.  Sounds like he is not engaged, and this might get him there.

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I don't think Remember the Days would be appropriate level for high school.  

Are you aware that the BP Ancients book is the shortest of the BP Companion books?  If they don't like this one, the Medieval may be really overwhelming. 

When I have high schoolers doing BP, they do the reading on their own and answer questions, then we discuss.  Is that workable for your students?  If you enjoy reading aloud with them, you can pick a read-aloud suggested in BP, which would be something all could be involved in.

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