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I just spent an hour browsing recipe sites and YESYESYES to this!

I’m not a good cook, so I looked for “easy” or “beginner” or “quick” meals. Good grief. In what world is a list of 18 ingredients with a 45-minute prep time involving chopping, sautéing, puréeing, roasting, grilling, chilling, mixing, and drizzling anything resembling EASY? 

And then there’s the comments. “This was great! But I made a few adjustments. Used turkey instead of beef, Italian spices instead of Indian, farro instead of rice, asparagus instead of broccoli, cut the butter in half, added potatoes, and I cooked it in my crock pot instead of on the stove.”  

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I understand why they do it. The recipes are free to the end user. They aren't selling a cookbook but this is their livelihood. It is super annoying, but I have sympathy. Everyone wants free content but developing good recipes, tutorials, etc., is time consuming and requires resources.

I'm the same way... I'm not really buying cookbooks anymore. I'm not sure how to square the need to support these food bloggers and also not having any obtrusive ads.

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