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WOL 2 vs Bookshark 5 grammar


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Happy New Year, hive 🎉

my rising 5th grader really wants to do bookshark next year and I think I am ok with that. We have been using WOL in 3 & 4th grade and while he doesn’t love it, it gets done. I find it to be almost gruesomely slow and tedious, but I hesitate to change when something is working. My older son received grammar via CC and Lukeion, but this child is not so into Latin. 

In the past we have been rather eclectic with VP self paced history, beast academy online, Apologia zoology, WOL, Wordsmith Apprentice and AAS as our core with sprinkles of art, music, poetry, etc. I hate planning, but love buying curriculum 😂 and offering a feast of options. As my children (eldest now in private high school) mature, I see myself as more of a moderator than a teacher, offering help and encouragement. 

my questions are thus:

1. Is Bookshark’s grammar enough?
2. Will I go nuts with a boxed plan?

3. Since he is very mathy and loves BA, I want to continue that and plan to purchase the preaching with history” and science package from Bookshark. I’m trying to decide about the grammar.




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