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I want to create my own PhD regarding the classical liberal arts, it’s numerous tools and their applications. I am familiar with works of Jacques Barzun, Mortimer Adler and the University Chicago/St. Johns College crowd, John Henry Newman, Father James V.  Schall, Father Benedict Ashley, Father Francis P. Donnelly, The Jesuits, Paul Abelson, Isidore de Seville, Aristotle, etc,. 

I am hoping to present their ideas while providing the psychological theory underpinning the usefulness of the various “tools”.

I think I can do this without being in the walls of academia but it’s quite the task gathering the resources.

Any suggestions on reading lists, universities, authors, professors, dissertations, books, articles, etc would be sincerely appreciated.



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Hi Chris and welcome to the board! 

I'm not clear on what you are planning to do.  Are you saying you plan to do a PhD type of research project that you hope to complete independent of a university?  Also, I'm not super clear on what your dissertation is focused on. My guess is that doing it on your own means that you will NOT want it to be interdisciplinary as that will be incredibly hard to do without an advisor (ask me how I know!!).  What field/subfield does your question fall within?  Once you know that, you will have a better chance of finding journal articles that support and expand your interests. 

Good luck!

Ruth in NZ

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