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one tablet once a day for four days, and then it's either:

one tablet TWICE a day after that,

OR it's TWO tablets ONCE a day :confused:

The dr. told me it's one twice a day,

the pharmacist told me it should be 2 once a day because it is time released.

I have called the Dr. to ask, but she's not in yet so I'll have to call back later.

Anyone else know the answer?

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It's not necessarily once a day!! Please talk to the pharmacist. Effexor comes in standard-release, in which case the usual dose is twice a day. It also comes as Effexor XR (extended release) in which case it is taken once a day. It's very important that you know what you have and how often to take it. Good luck.



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Did you experience any nasty side effects?


I was on effexor several years ago and had several side effects. For one, it definitely affected my libido (as in none :() and I also gained a lot of weight, over 25 pounds. I was on it for about a year. When I went back at that time, she apparently had found out that those are some of the common side effects. So she ended up moving me to Well-Butrin. No libido problems :D and I was able to lose all the weight and a little more besides. It may be something to watch out for.





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please have your blood pressure checked regularly. Mine went to nearly 200/ 160 I was shocked as I was feeling so well finally with effoxor. I had to go off immediately but because of the terrible side effects i had to start it again and go off slowly and it took months. Because I would feel so sick and shacky all the time. And there was no libido here.

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Thanks, I've been thinking about it, and after seeing the common side effects I've decided I won't be taking this med. The Nurse Practitioner prescribed this to me without even asking about my family history, and they don't have an exstensive med chart on me at that clinic. She would talk to me for 2 minutes then leave the room, she didn't listen to what i was saying, and now I've called and left a message for her asking about the correct instructions and she still says to take it twice a day. I have had BP problems before, and I have other issues that I think would make this med a poor choice for me. I think I am going to call and ask for a REAL Dr. (NOT a nurse, LOL), and write myself some notes on what *I* want from them, (I want to know the meds that they recommend, and then I want time to research them myself to see if *I* think they are right for me.

I know that not everyone experiences side effects, but I usually do :( I am very sensitive to medication- even Tylenol makes me sleep for four hours.

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