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Update on my mom


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I posted Sun night that I was thinking I needed to go out there during my Christmas break.

She passed away this morning.  

Just thought I would update you.


Added info: 12/18  Dad went out to the grocery store to get a few items and mom was in her recliner in the living room.  He was gone about 1.5 hours.  When he got back, she was slumped over, leaning against the wall (to the side of the chair) and was unresponsive.  He felt her pulse and there was none and then checked for breathing and she was no longer breathing.  He called me first and then called 911.  I found that kind of funny, but he has pronounced many people dead over the years, so I figured he knew.  And she signed a DNR last weekend so there would not have been any resuscitation anyway.   They sent the sheriff's office out and then called the coroner to come get her.  

They live in Arizona but were gifted burial plots 40 years ago in Iowa (LONG story!) so they prepaid to have their bodies shipped from wherever they would happen to be when they passed away (remember I grew up overseas so they had no idea where they might be at death.).  I am waiting for dad to hear from the funeral home in Iowa as they have taken over the prep and are working with the funeral home in Arizona to prep and ship the body.  Dad wants to go to Iowa for the burial, so he is asking us to meet him there.  We are waiting for times/dates/details.

We will have actual funeral services in South Carolina (where my mom grew. up and where her extended family all live) and Arizona at the retirement center (although so many of their friends are dead there won't be much of a service.)

And then Dad plans to move to NC at some point, probably summer as that will allow us to help him.  



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I know this community has many different beliefs, but the picture of the statue you shared is beautiful to me. When my mother passed, her body and soul were so very tired, and it brought me great peace and joy to think of her as strong, healthy, and whole in heaven. I’ve never seen a piece of art display my belief as clearly as the statue does. Thank you for sharing that.

May you feel the Lord's comfort and peace during your season of loss.

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