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Hello Everyone!

I have been a bit of lurker here, trying to get as much info as I can. We may be pulling our 12-year-old from school to start homeschooling very, very soon. She has anxiety and conversion disorder (finally diagnosed earlier this year -  it's been rough 2 years) and the school is not accommodating her and it's making everything worse for her. So we may become accidental homeschoolers, but it's something that I actually wanted to do when we had kids. It's just that with work I didn't think it was possible, but I've learned that while it can be crazy busy it can actually be done. And I really think it will be best for her (and also her younger sister too since my youngest is also dealing with some anxiety and bullying at her school).

Anyway, I'll keep looking through the forums and researching. Even if we do end up pulling them both out we'll start slow because they'll need time to adjust and for us all to find our way. Their health is more important to me at this time.

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