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Spanish program with no reading/writing

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Are there Spanish programs for kids that are completely audio/video based with no reading/writing involved? I know there are audio programs for adults (CDs to listen to in the car, podcasts, etc.) Just looking for similar programs for kids!

We looked at Muzzy, which seems to have a preschool program with no reading/writing, but I can't tell if the upper levels include reading/writing, and I also can't tell if the app supports multiple child profiles (I sent them a message to ask, but haven't heard back yet.) We're doing the salsa videos, but ULAT looks a bit boring to my elem aged kiddos.

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I love the videos at  https://www.foreignlanguagesforkids.com/

They can be used by themselves.  My kiddo was picking up Spanish pretty quickly from these.  My only issue is that there aren't enough of them (I would love more).  I feel like they are more an introduction to Spanish, not a complete Spanish. 

There's some more resources I've saved below. but, with a couple exceptions, they are more supplements than "programs."


Two that come closer to programs are Online Free Spanish and Mi Mundo en Palabras.

Online Free Spanish has fun little games and apps to help kids learn sets of words, and most don't require reading. 

Mi Mundo en Palabras is amazing, but I feel like needs a foundation of some Spanish since it's ALL in Spanish, but it has really clever fun games, a little story, vocabulary and extra activities.   It unfortunately has some reading though, though you can read that for your child or just use some of the activities and skip that part.  

There's also some good videos there, but again, more of a supplement than a program. 

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Ana Lomba’s CDs are movement songs/games in Spanish. They are a fun way to pick up some vocabulary. There is also the “watch Spanish language movies/videos” method. 

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