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through my work the past two years, I have been helping a 26 years old college student. When I met him he was into his 6th year as full time student at the local community college. I was very shocked because he had outstanding college grades, and had won a national robotics competition that earned him internships at research institutions better known by their initials.  I was further surprised that he had never taken a college entrance exam, even though he graduated from a notoriously competitive high school.  He was just languishing at this c.c.  He and I started working together on his college transfer.  I really thought he had a chance at a top 10 in major  type college, with his national competitions, having been published, and some of his work is possibly on Mars.  Then came  very average SAT scores. I wasn't surprised by his verbal score, but the math was shocking. Oh well. I heard somewhere that some  students do poorly on SAT math because they are too far ahead of SAT math.  .  Then, came a C+ in multivariable calculus that was supper disappointing, because going into the final he was so confident, and was actually being paid to tutor.  When I asked him what happened, he said he just blanked.  He got rejected by all the elite programs, but was accepted to several UCs. Then I started recalling things about learning disabilities that I read on this particular board.  I told him to get to his new school early, and request an evaluation.  That because UCs are state school,  the evaluation will be free.  Well it turns out that he has ADD.  Seems funny to say that we are happy to have found out.  The school is working on accommodations for his needs. Again, thanks to this board.

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