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Course descriptions for public school and DE classes

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Dd17 has taken classes in public high school for one year, various online providers, two co-op classes (do you do course descriptions for PE?), and dual enrollment for almost everything in her last two years. 

For college applications, we will be submitting three transcripts: ps, de, and my own, which will include everything, listing which class was taken where.

Would you submit course descriptions for the public school and dual enrollment classes? 

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My course descriptions include all outside classes including dual enrollment and online courses. Each description is about a paragraph long.  DE descriptions are briefer than home grown courses.  I used the space to give full course names, explain that courses were taken on the college campus, clarify that the course on my transcript was composed of the college's separate lecture and lab courses, etc.


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Also, while my home-brewed courses often had detailed booklists, I didn't put much effort into the booklist for a DE course.  I usually just listed the main textbook and moved on.  Some courses didn't even have that (like English 100 - Intro to Composition).  Here are a couple samples of what I wrote for DE courses.  (The Chinese course lists several texts because that was a core interest for that student.)  I used the catalog and syllabus course descriptions for these and may have also pulled from chapter titles for the chemistry course.

Elementary Mandarin 1 (University of XYZ, Chinese 101, 4 credits):  One semester college level introductory course taken on campus during summer session.  Student was dual enrolled via the Outreach College.  Student goals included listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in standard (Mandarin) Chinese, and attaining approximately the Novice High level on the ACTFL proficiency scale.  Student learned simplified characters, but instruction included both simplified and traditional writing systems. Student earned four college credits and one high school credit. 


Liu, Yuehua and Tao-chung Yao.  Integrated Chinese (Level 1, Part 1) Textbook, Simplified Character Edition, 3e.

Liu, Yuehua and Tao-chung Yao.  Integrated Chinese (Level 1, Part 1) Workbook, Simplified Character Edition, 3e.

Liu, Yuehua and Tao-chung Yao.  Integrated Chinese (Level 1, Part 1) Character Workbook, Simplified Character Edition, 3e.

Audio CDs for Integrated Chinese (Level 1, Part 1).

General Chemistry I (ABC Community College Chem 161, 3 Credits) and General Chemistry I Laboratory (ABC Community College Chem 161L, 1 Credit):  Chem 161 is one semester college course that covers basic principles of chemistry including stoichiometry; introduction to solution phase chemistry; gas phase chemistry; introduction to thermodynamics, including enthalpies of formation and reaction; introduction to atomic structure, periodic trends, chemical bonding, and molecular structure.  Chem 161L is a 3 hr lab session that

provides laboratory experiments illustrating concepts of chemistry discussed in CHEM 161.  This course is being taken on campus at ABC Community College as an Early Admission student (dual enrollment) in Fall 2016.  By taking both lecture and lab together the student will earn 4 college credits and 1 high school credit. 


Burns, Ralph. Fundamentals of Chemistry in the Laboratory, 4e, Prentice Hall 2002.

Tro, Nivaldo. Chemistry: A Molecular Approach, 3e, Prentice Hall, 2013.

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This is what my course descriptions look like.   We don't have any public school courses, but for DE courses, I just copied the course description from the college website.

Pre-Calculus Algebra (MAC 1140) – Taken at St. Petersburg College, Spring 2019                                                         

Professor:      William A. Hemme                                                                                   3 college credits, 1 high school Math credit

Curriculum:     Precalculus: Enhanced with Graphing Utilities and Online access, by Sullivan and Sullivan 

Topics:  This course is intended for students whose major requires the completion of some or all of the calculus sequence. Major topics include: polynomial, rational and other algebraic functions, their properties and graphs; polynomial and rational inequalities; exponential and logarithmic functions, their properties and graphs; piecewise-defined functions; conic sections; matrices and determinants; sequences and series; mathematical induction; binomial theorem and applications.

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