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If you have taken classes with Wasko Lit, could you please share your experience?  I am also interested about if you combined this with Write at Home and how that went. It looks like the Write at Home courses are not live.  

Thank you in advance.

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My 9th grade son is taking both Wasko Lit 1 and WAH High School 1 this year. It's been a good experience for him. My main concern was that he read the books, especially for a first year HS course. Each week they take a quiz on the reading and answer an essay question before class. The class discussion is live, although you can watch it later for up to two weeks after the class.  There are two papers due for the course.   The writing course is not live, but the feedback he has gotten from his instructor has been very helpful. They have a paper, or a re-write of a paper due each week along with a quiz on the reading materials. They do three versions of each paper. My daughter took a writing class last year for a semester and is doing a full year class this year for her senior year. She has enjoyed the classes and appreciated the feedback. They had a sale last year around the first of March where if you enrolled in lit and writing there was a bigger discount. I would definitely recommend the courses.

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