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Can we search for content that is before 2008?

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Hi, Jean--there's good news and ... no news.  The content has been archived (yay!) but we haven't found a way to make it easily accessible (rats).  That said, we hear you and it is on The List of Things We Want to Get Done.  

A little background, and with the upside and the downside:   The Upside is that this is a really active community, with multiple thousands of members and participants--especially over the years!--and that is part of what makes it so interesting.  The Downside is that keeping all the content accessible within the forums would make the forums run so slowly that everyone would lose interest.  That's why we archive older material--to keep the system lean and fast for the current members.  

There's a lot of good info in the older content, and we hope to make it accessible at some point in the future.  

Thank you for your interest and for your many contributions to this community.

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