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Physics - DO vs. Clover Creek

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I am hoping someone may be familiar enough with both programs to be able to help.

Dd will be in 12th grade next year and needs physics.  She will have a very heavy load so I want to be careful with our selections.  We need to outsource this.  After reviewing our options, we have narrowed it down to DO and Clover Creek.

Reading the DO Physics thread has me a bit nervous.  Dd took the DO Physical Science class years ago but it does not sound at all comparable to the physics class.  Dd is a very good and organized student but she is slow....especially when it comes to science.  We bit off more than she could chew with her chemistry class last year so she is a bit intimidated by science in general.  I am hoping her physics experience can be one of "healing."

Can anyone tell me if either class is going to be a better fit?  Specifically, is one over the other significantly more time-consuming?  We are already taking format differences into consideration.  

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We've done both and like both.

For an experience of "healing", I'd definitely recommend Clover Creek. It has a great teacher and is laid out very well. It's work, but with a great teacher the motivation to do the work is easier. It can be hard to get into as it will fill very quickly - like the day it opens.

I'm not sure one is less time-consuming than the other - it depends on the student. Derek Owens is definitely more mathy and less "fun".

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We too have experience with both. LIke them both for different types of learners. Mathy, likes computer/video-based courses = DO (my ds took Honors in 11th concurrent with AP Calc/AP Stats and 2 others APs - very manageable for him)

Likes less video-based courses, one-on-one teacher interaction, softer = Clover Creek

I'd concur, don't notice different time amount spent on one or the other. Neither is super easy, but not super hard either.

My dd (taking Clover Creek) also took Physical Science DO and liked it. But I knew Clover Creek was better fit for her - less videos/computers.


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We only have experience with Jetta's class. It is some work, but the entire week's work is posted at one time, so it's easier to set a pace. Jetta is very caring and communicative. Dd took this class at an earlier age, so it was more challenging for her, but it's one of her favorite online classes. We have a lot of fond memories of her classmates, the egg drop, other science experiments, and Jetta's laugh. I think if you are looking for a class that has a more nurturing aspect instead of just pure academics, Jetta's class is going to offer that. It's really made a difference in the way DD views physics. 

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