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I've been asked for a recommendation from a new immigrant family at our church for a program or programs, or web resources, for writing and math for their kids.

The kids are in school but the father finds what they are doing wholly inadequate. His interest seems to be very practical, he wants them to know how to arite a letter, and essay, and so on. And math that has some directions for teaching - he is an accountant and is comfortable with math but he would like some support for explanations.  All of this needs to happen after school. The kids are in grade 4 and 8.

I've recommended some math resources, though any other good ones are welcome.  I am not so sure about writing, most things I have used are a whole LA program and a bit much for their needs.  If anyone has any thoughts, I'd love to hear them. Free or inexpensive is best though I might be able to track down used things if necessary.

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If the 8th grader is fairly organized and self sufficient, then Wordsmith Craftsman would be good. It has lessons on business writing and different essay types. I think it would also work well for after schooling. And Wordsmith Apprentice is fun for 4th grade.

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Thanks ladies.

I had thought of WWS, what I wonder is whether it might be too much for what he wants.  But I think I will suggest it as a possibility.  I'm thinking I may use it myself next year and I might even just order it now so he can have a look.

Momto6 I am not familiar with Wordsmith so I will have a look at that too so I can give him some more information.

I have been given a copy of the Rod and Staff grade four program which I won't need this year, so I may offer that for the younger child, whatever other advantages and disadvantages there are, free counts for a lot!

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