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Sonlight but chronological

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Biblioplan might fit the bill for you.  They use a 4 yr history cycle, but they also include an extensive reading list with tons of options to choose from at all levels.  They say that it's like a buffet of options.  You aren't supposed to do everything, just pick and choose the pieces that you want to include.  So, it would be easy to use that as a spine and just focus on the literature aspect.

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If you're up for "DIY", here's a list of (older) Sonlight books in WTM chronological order. Also resources like A Book in Time (free website), and the book All Through the Ages (Miller).

Chronological history-based curricula (either use the program, or get ideas from their booklists):
- History Odyssey (secular)
- Biblioplan (Christian) -- year 1 (ancients); year 2 (medieval); year 3 (early modern); year 4 (modern)
- Tapestry of Grace (Christian) -- booklists by topic (including historical periods) 
- Heart of Dakota (Christian) -- chronological with extensions for students up to 2 years older than  
   Creation to Christ -- pre-history/ancients -- (ages 9-11) (ext. for ages 12-13)
   Resurrection to Reformation -- roughly start of AD through 1650 -- (ages 10-12) (ext. for ages 13-14)
   Revival to Revolution -- roughly 1650-1850 -- (ages 11-13) (ext. for ages 14-15)
   Missions to Marvels -- roughly 1850-present (ages 12-14) -- (ext for ages 15-16)


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