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Noreen Claire subscrition for 7yr old?

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I'm starting to think about Christmas gifts. DS7 has been coding/building/playing with my Dad once a week for a year, and he has varying amounts of experience with Scratch, Python, a Raspberry Pi,  and a Micro:bit. He is currently working through the 2nd Python course on I am considering a monthly subscription box from, which is having a sale through tomorrow. Does anyone have any experience with this specific subscription service? (I know it says it recommended for middle schoolers, but DS7 is obsessed and a very good reader.)

My other option is to just buy him a book (he's borrowed dozens from the library, he probably has a favorite) and an electronics/robotics starter kit online. My Dad says that the Raspberry Pi they work with at his house belongs to DS7, so I could go with that or buy him a Micro:bit set-up to work with at home. Anyone have any recommendations for me? Thanks.

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