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Another course description question

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So.....I have not written up any course descriptions.  It has been on my to do list since dd was in 9th grade.  I fully intended to stay on top of this.  Now that dd is starting to figure out her applications strategy and she is narrowing her list of schools to apply to, it appears none on her list require this.  So I may be off the hook.  I am curious though, how common is it to need them?  And is there any reason to create them if they are not needed for college applications?

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I'm writing course descriptions. I know it seems like a lot of work for something you may end up not needing, but I'd rather have them and not need them than need them and not have them. I've also heard of people who send them even when they aren't required or call and ask admissions if they can send them to paint a better picture of their student and homeschool.

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I'd say the more selective the school, the more likely they are to ask for them, though not always - and I'd also say the more likely they are to expect them, whether they ask or not. Private schools are more likely to ask for them, though I've seen several public schools, especially flagships, that do. I'd also say that just because a school doesn't explicitly ask for them doesn't mean you shouldn't submit them. If your dd is applying for schools that aren't very selective that she definitely meets the standards to get in and you didn't do them, then don't bother. But for selective schools in general, if you're using the Common App, you can upload them or fill in the blanks - they've changed the system so that now it asks you about some of this as a homeschooler anyway. You always want to give them anything you can. Will they always look at it? Not necessarily. But some places will.


My tl;dr - If you know your kid is bound for the trades or community college or a specific beyond safety level for that student school, don't bother even thinking about it. If your kid is aiming for selective (even if it's easy to get into selective) do them and upload them if they have a place for them anyway. It won't hurt. Sometimes it helps.

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