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My son will be applying for dual enrollment at the local university near our home. I'm trying to get all his course descriptions completed now so I'm not losing my mind in January. When you write course descriptions, what tense is preferred? For example, for Honors Biology, do I say: "This course will cover cellular, viral, bacterial and genetics biology...."OR is it"This course covered cellular, viral, bacterial, and genetics biology"??? I realized that for classes he's taken at our co-op, I had just copied the teacher's descriptions without considering tense. Classes I've taught are written in past tense. I know they all need to be the same. I am assuming past tense since this is stuff he has taken?

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I've seen them done both ways. I would say don't overthink it. Both are okay.

If you need to pick, I'll say I do think it's odd when a single course, planned for a single homeschooled kid, is described in present tense, as if it's a course that is continuing to be offered. Of course, some of your classes may be that - classes that were offered at a CC or course center or online and continue to be offered. But if you haven't done them yet, I'd lean toward that.

Some very generalized advice:

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Thanks Farrar! Appreciate the link also. I had not thought about that since the co-op classes are still being offered that they would be described in present tense. So you are saying it's ok for them to be mixed...stuff I've done is in the past (obviously!) but co-op is still going on for other students. I have written all of them up, it's currently a mish mash of stuff. I just want his info to be presented in the most coherent fashion as I know we are overly scrutinized as homeschoolers.

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