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Using Great Courses for full history credit?

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From what I understand GCs can be used as half a credit. Can I put two together and use for a full credit, maybe one an overview and one more in depth? The output would be taking notes and answering the guide book questions with a few essays. 

Just looking to check a box and still in planning stages. 


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I do give full credit for some Great Courses (notetaking and essays/research papers as output), but it depends on the course and how much time they spend on it. For the Economics course we use, there is only enough viewing time to claim a half credit even with writing a few papers. But for USH there's enough for a full credit. For world history, I combine 2 GC courses (one Western Civ, one more focused on non-Western) and call that a full credit as well.

Credits can be either time based on time (120-150ish hours) or content (e.g. Algebra II). Since history doesn't have a "you must cover x to be counted as y" canon like math or science often does, time makes more sense to consider when granting credit. 

I would be leery about giving credit for only watching/listening with no output. But when combined with some writing assignments I think you can design that credit however you want as long as they put in the time.

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