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Hello, my dd 16 has started doing online kaplan ACT prep, however she is struggling with science the most. Comprehending matter and interpreting data in science is hard for her. 

Ideally, she needs to practice some similar, but easier science questions, and work her way to the  ACT science. Any suggestions on online courses etc?


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When my DD was preparing for the ACT she had access to a Kaplan online course that was $99 or $100 for I think a few months. It was primarily recorded videos, but also had some sessions where the students could ask questions of the instructors. My DD found those live, online sessions with Instructors to be very helpful. The reason I begin with this is that Kaplan had a tie-in with ACT and probably still has a tie-in with ACT, so I think you did well to go with Kaplan.

However, there are other possibilities and sometimes, I think this applies to both Science and Math, but also   possibly to a lot of other subjects, one person can explain something in a way that is much easier to understand than the explanation of another person.

Before spending $ with a different company, I would look on KhanAcademy. https://www.khanacademy.org/  That's free. It has a tie-in for the SAT and my DD used that, primarily, for the SAT, but they may have what you are looking for, at a lower level than what Kaplan is offering to her now.

IMO students should take both the ACT and the SAT exams. They are very different animals and many students do much better on one of them than on the other.

Has your DD taken the Pre ACT? The PSAT? That helps.

And, here's the key question: Do you believe that her understanding of the subject matter in the courses she took is solid? If not, then she needs to go back to the textbooks and do more studying.

Good luck to her!

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I don't know of anything online.  This book is good and breaking it down into simpler explanations of the graphs and building you up, but you need to review individual science courses in each discipline for true understanding and highest scores.


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