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Alexa phone contact list and intercom question

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I would love to get multiple Alexa devices and use them as an intercom system.  I would also love the option of calling my children from my cell phone through the Alexa when I am not home.  I do. not. want to download my entire contact list.  Is there any way to call and intercom without the device having my entire contact list?

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You can turn off the import contacts function.  You can also delete contacts so I'm thinking it is possible.  You could either turn off the import function and manually add the numbers you want or import all and then delete the ones you don't want.  I don't have time to play with it right now but will try it later.

 We use the call function quite often to communicate with our younger kids who may be home while I am out and don't have their own cell phones.   We used to keep a cheap cell phone for them but this was cheaper and more convenient because we don't have to charge the Alexa.  We have it set up so they can call me, my dh, brothers, sister or grandparents.  It's worked out well.

I bought two echoes last Christmas mainly for the purpose of being able to talk to my teens from across the house.  I had fun for about a week waking my late sleeper with my cheerful voice but then he started unplugging it before he went to bed -lol!  They do use them a lot for music ☺️

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