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I've lurked these boards for ages, but finally decided to set up a posting account and join in the fun :) Soooo...introduction time!

We are a non-traditional family of four (2 sons, 2 moms) in the PNW. I'm an environmental scientist and my partner is a professional artist.

Our eldest is 19, a junior in college, and already launched. He was homeschooled from grade 2 through his sophomore year of high school. He did early admit college and will graduate next year with a degree in education. He plans to go to grad school and become a professor himself.

Our youngest will be 15 in April and he is a freshman on paper. He has been home schooled his entire life. We are usually eclectic secular homeschoolers, although this year he is trying out online classes for core subjects and independent studies for his areas of interest/focus. He tends to move quickly through material, and this allows him to accelerate the pace to fit his needs. He is a gifted student and pretty introverted. He doesn't plan to do early admit, although he does plan to get some "boring" classes (his words), like English 101, out of the way in high school. His free time is spent on video games with friends and pursuing his  million and one science projects. His goal is to be a scientist, but he isn't sure of his focus yet (he's currently obsessed with astrophysics, evolutionary science, genetics, and engineering...oh, and Minecraft. We must never forget Minecraft)!

I'm looking forward to participating in the community!

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