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Logic Stage History for Hybrid School

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I'm in the early stages of opening a homeschool hybrid school. We're trying to figure out 5-8 grade history. I would like it to follow classical principles. Do y'all have any suggestions?? Some things I've considered include:

1. Joint classrooms with the elementary grades; everyone uses SOTW but the middle schoolers do *more* with it all. 

2. Basically follow SWB's suggestions, using the Kingfisher encyclopedia as a spine. The downside is that every student is doing individual work, and I worry that we won't be able to help them enough with things like finding additional books,  outlining, and summarizing. My own child needed a lot of help when we started on that level!

3. Maybe something where they take turns teaching for the week?

Any suggestions??


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We use K12's 3 volume Human Odyssey in 5th-7th as a spine and then do geography and time lines and summarizing and lit selections that go with the time period. So kind of WTM, but not exactly. I think the texts give more "backbone" as the spine than an encyclopedia where they have to then go research more detailed information on their own. Maybe that would help the class be more "on the same page"?

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