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We are currently studying Ancients, and are on our second cycle through Story of the World (which I just adore). I would like some additional history reading for my 6th grade "little professor". I don't want a high school level text, just something that he can read alongside our family studies for a bit more in-depth information. It does not need to parallel SOTW.  I'm wondering what others have used for Ancients, and for that matter, Medieval and Revolution Eras? Thank you!

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Some books I liked that would make good supplements...

The Horrible Histories series.   They are funny, but informative and good for that age.

Tales of the Dead series by DK Books (they have Egypt, Greece, China, and Rome).   Don't let the name fool you...it's not morbid or horror stories.   They have a comic book story on the egdes of the pages and information sort of like regular DK books about the culture in the center.  

Magic Treehouse Books - I have a guide on how to combine them with SOTW here ( I actually have not done this with my kids...but I thought up a way to and thought I might as well share). 


Adventures in Odyssey (like Magic Treehouse, only Christian).

If your  would like to study more about Christianity, Peace and Peril by Mindy and Brandon Withrow is good.  (It's part of a series...you might want to get the whole thing if you are going through SOTW again.)  

What Really Happened in Ancient Times is another I'd suggest (again, its from a Christian perspective).   I haven't actually read that one but I have the one for Mideival times and it's made a good supplement. 

Science in the Ancient World by Jay Wile is a Christian curriculum combining science and history in chronological order, and it would not be hard to align it to SOTW.  

The Story of Science by Joy Hakim is a similar curriculum, but secular.   It's designed for kids 12 and up, but the samples I've read don't see that hard for a slightly younger kid. 

The Science of Ancient Egypt is a smaller resource that combines science and history.   It's very readable and aimed at around that age.  You can buy it as a bundle or buy units separately (on topic like mummies, animals, pyramids, metals, etc.) 

I also suggest checking out your library's graphic novel section.   I noticed last time I did they had a lot of things related to history and mythology. 

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