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URL goes to something like projectsbymytribe.com

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I find myself having to re sign in at least daily if I want to post or read in Club area and when I do, before showing “forums.welltrainedmind.com” the url bar says something like projectsbymytribe.com.   I am feeling weird about it.  Is this site hacked or what is going on?

it seems like it is a quick automatic redirect before being sent back here


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I haven't been paying attention to what's going on when I log in (although I have had to login on all my devices in the past few days), but I checked and one of my security extensions lists "madebytribe.com" as a site that wants to run a script on this page.  (It, like the twelve other sites wanting to run scripts here that I haven't approved, is blocked on my desktop; I'll have to pay attention on my tablet to see what's happening there.)

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