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Grammar question (on my counselor letter) help

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Wondering about whether to use a comma or colon for these quotes, within my counselor letter. Which is correct? Or are they both? Silly question, but I don't want to look dumb. LOL! I think it's a colon...

So-and-so said of DS: “INSERT QUOTE HERE.” 
So-and-so said of DS“INSERT QUOTE HERE.” 

Then my DS asked me to proof one of his supplements, and that's when I realized I wasn't sure. LOL!
He said something that really struck me“INSERT QUOTE HERE” 
He said something that really struck me, “INSERT QUOTE HERE” 


So let me know for both - if they are different, the correct grammar. Thanks!

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Storygirl is correct. — Think of it this way:

When the intro to the quotation forms a complete thought, i.e., an independent clause, that serves as a kind of promise (Here comes the thing that really struck me), use a colon.

—Roy Speed

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