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Need more info - what kind of hat? Cowboy? Fedora? Toboggan? Ski mask? I wonder if they left the ladder in place because they knew they were going to add a hat and now that the hat is in place, the ladder is no  longer needed. Perhaps it will change hats with the seasons?

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2 minutes ago, happysmileylady said:

Ok, I am gonna make a guess....

For some strange reason, they are building a light house.  I bet that "hat" is how they are going to attach the lighting set up.


That's what I thought when I saw the latest picture, too!

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On 10/16/2019 at 3:52 PM, Æthelthryth the Texan said:

One day we were driving down our road and there was a knight’s full suit of armor on the curb with the trash at the property a few places down from our. Like the real deal suit of armor. We are not in an area you just drive through so it’s 99.9% the owners of the house put it there. Or at least one of them. 😉 

We stop and stare (how often do you see a full suit of armor on the roadside?!) and dh is “we should get it! Let’s throw it in the truck! It’s with the trash so obviously they don’t care.” I told him I wasn’t going to be caught dead rifling through the neighbors trash and maybe there was a reason it was there.....we finally agreed if it was still there the next day he could get it before the trash company came by. Well, it was gone and now it’s on their front porch and has been ever since! I totally want to know the story behind that one because you know there’s got to be one. 

“Hey remember that time I came home late from the bar and you threw my suit of armor in the trash?!” 


Hmmm. I think we can figure out the background story...and why it's now sitting on the porch.  🤣😄

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I think there used to be only one hanging basket arm??? The addition of a second one appeals to my sense of symmetry for sure. 

It *is* starting to look lighthouse-ish. 

The decorating one could do with this thing, once they get it complete, is limitless....I'm starting to kind of want one.....

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