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Stopping Genocide & war crimes questions

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6 hours ago, Arctic Mama said:

Well hang on a second, you don’t know at all that current officials were blindsided by this.  Turkey’s side has been obvious for at least a month, maybe two.  This was a discussion point with Bolton as well.  Just because you are *hearing* that congress and various lower level officials are blindsided doesn’t actually mean those in the situation room were, even if they strenuously disagreed.  And we don’t necessarily know that all of them did.

There is a whole lot of chatter and reporting and hand wringing, especially by republicans. And much disagreement about the course of action. Jumping from that to “the higher ups had no idea and this was entirely spurious” isn’t supported by what we currently know, which is primarily commentary from people outside the administration.  It’s right up there with the Iran cash exchange on the tarmac - being shocked that it happened and the whole thing looking out of the blue doesn’t mean it actually *was*.

But this is where I think I differ from most on here and elsewhere - I go out of my way to assume the best intentions of those involved, especially in the executive branch, until concretely proven otherwise.  If there is one thing declassified documents have proven over the years, it is that there is often a whole lot more subtext and management of events happening in foreign policy (especially with the UN) than is apparent from the coverage, chatter, and leaks. 

What differs here is the hostility of a chunk of the public and the press, not that other presidents haven’t made comparable decisions with little public notice and much divisive opinion.  That’s an area I constantly have to check my confirmation bias and personal feelings about this or prior administration.  But assuming the best while keeping my eyes open for more reliable information, outside the immediate knee jerk and panic responses, has served me well thus far.  

Personally, I just think this administration is so radically different than any other in recent history, on either side, that it’s almost impossible for me to assume the best of people who daily show us the worst. The general tenor of tweets alone is completely unprecedented.

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Nearly 800 Isis supporters have already escaped, and the Kurds have been warning for months that they could barely contain the 70,000 people being held in the Al-Hol camp and feared a breakout. Kurds are being slaughtered, tens of thousands of Isis supporters will soon be free, and we're sending our troops to help a Saudi despot who routinely tortures and murders journalists, opposition leaders, and women's rights activists. 

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