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Gift basket for someone in London who just had a baby


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I absolutely love that I can come here and get this question answered 🙂

My SIL just had a baby.  She lives in London.  I’d like to send her a basket of food or diapers or ......?  They aren’t natives and live somewhat paycheck to paycheck but not in dire straits.  I think it would be more beneficial for her to receive food or something useful rather than another outfit, IYKWIM.  

Are there any places there I could order something online and have it delivered to her?  Or any other ideas??  I can get more specifics on what area in London tomorrow and post cuz that would likely be useful.  TIA!


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The store M&S (Mark's and Spencer) has really nice gift baskets. Not super practical but a nice treat. In England they call gift baskets "hampers." All the grocery stores do delivery too. Asda is their version on Walmart. You could order her some nappies and other food items. M&s also has a lot of meal kits- like meat, veg, and noodles that you turn in to stir fry. Could be useful for a new mom.


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