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If there is a fee, I think you should avoid it scholarship search companies but my daughter read good reviews about  I do not have time right now to research this and what little google search I have done isn't yielding the info I think must be out there. Have any of you used this or rejected using it?


Thanks in advance for any input you can give.


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I have never heard of that web site. What I suggested to my DD was that she limit her Scholarship searching to the Scholarship Search on her account

Also, there was one site among the Scholarship suggestions, that if she had additional "spare" time I believe is completely reputable. It is Scholarship(s) America and is located in Minnesota. When the CollegeBoard had the Confirmation letter and the Certificate for the National Hispanic Recognition Program prepared, they had Scholarship(s) America do that processing for them.

Both of those sites are FREE and I believe both of them are very reputable.

My DD and I spent hours on the Scholarship finder,  looking  at the ones that offered higher dollar amounts, but, in the end, I am not sure that she ended up applying for any of those.

She did apply for Scholarships at some of the universities she applied to, during the application process. 

Good luck to your DD in this. She has very limited available time and a large number of tasks to do and this is just one of those tasks.

ETA: I suspect those scholarship web sites have a large overlap and that the majority of the scholarships are shown on a huge number of web sites.

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OP I have just reread the first post and I want to write a Follow-On now that I have had my first cup of coffee.

I am VIOLENTLY OPPOSED to the idea of paying for that kind of service. There is no need to pay.

The scholarship finders (eg: the one on or Scholarship(s) America have Search Engines to help you narrow the list.

I went through that with my DD on twice. It took hours and we were limiting to the scholarships with the most $ available. 

One of the sites on (there are probably thousands) was Scholarship(s) America.  When the CollegeBoard selected my DD to be one of the National Hispanic Scholars (that has to do with the PSAT/NMSQT in October of the Junior year, for students who qualify as Hispanic), they had Scholarship(s) America send out the Certificates and the Letter.

If you have time to use 2 web sites, those are the 2 I suggest to you and they are free.

It is a stressful time for High School students and the time available is very limited, so prioritize it.

In the end, I do not believe that my DD applied for any of the Scholarships found on the sites mentioned above, although we did click to the web site of the scholarships we were looking at to read the detailed information about them.

Each one would require an Application and an Essay and possibly other things and time is very limited.

The bottom line is that the vast majority of financial need based aid, or Merit Aid, is probably going to come from the school your student ends up in


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