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You know that one thing you constantly tell your kids?

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No food in the bedroom. 

You will attract ants. 


And then they don’t listen, so on a Sunday morning, after 2 days of grueling travel, when you come home to a sick child, you get to wake up to a trail of ants headed straight toward said child’s room? 

You know that? Yeah, me too. 

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1 hour ago, Arctic Mama said:

I feel bad laughing, I really do.  But yeah, I feel this 🤣

Also I was that lazy kid who stuffed food wrappers and bowls under the bed, and yet grew up to be a fastidiously clean and totally not ant-baiting adult.  So there’s hope?

It’s ok, you can laugh. One day I’m sure I’ll laugh, too. I think she might be scarred from getting woken up to dh and I going to war with the ants. She had to help us move everything and then she got stuck cleaning up the aftermath. Natural consequences are the best, I just wish I didn’t have to deal with them!

I, too, was a teenage slob. My poor mother!

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