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What happens when your kid is “over” co-op but CC not really a fit ?d

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My dd loves her co-op and has had a great experience there. For consistency”s sake, senior year, she will at least stay involved in some way or take a class or two. 

She’s just on the older side of the population they serve and she’s more mature than the other students. She also is a bit over being the only one who consistently does the work, although she has always made it work and thrives and the teachers certainly love her 🙂 

I don’t really think her CC options are good for senior year. The CC north of us where my son went is so impacted she would be super unlikely to get her classes and it’s a significant highway drive. The CC south of us is Serves migrant farm workers and has a jail-to- society education program. The staff there is super super nice but the classes are very dumbed down and basic, as well as the fact that all the academic classes are offered odd hours of the night since they mainly serve nursing, aviation, and tons and tons of remedial classes...

we do have a large university that I could drive her to or take the train to, with her, but I’m not sure how dual enrollment for homeschoolers works there. (Edited there’s a huge notice that they do not accept any high school students due to over crowding) 

she has a fantastic job all summer but it doesn’t exist during the year. She could inquire about working something related during the school year but that doesn’t change the fact that she just plain needs academic classes. 

she hates online classes. 

any other ideas ???

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What classes does she need?

How does she do with independent study? Although we plan to dual-enroll in a couple of years, right now we are doing all her subjects in house. That's the way she likes it.

Would something like Great Courses lectures work for one or two subjects? Maybe combined with additional reading and/or papers or projects?

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53 minutes ago, Farrar said:

I agree that none of these options seem great, but they're the options. I think you just have to put it to her, discuss the pluses and minuses and let her choose. I think I'd step back as much as possible.

I think this is what I would do, since it doesn't sound like any of the options are good.  Since she's the one who has to live through one of the options, I'd let her choose.  

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We kind of went through the same thing in the last year or so (wanting interaction with friends but co-ops and cc wasn't what we wanted).  We decided to do our own small classes with friends for certain subjects (health, biology and chemistry labs, speech, literature "book clubs").  We had to keep the group very small (around 6-8) since it was meeting in our homes.  It has really worked well.  The kids got a chance to meet up with friends rather than just a larger co-op, and they were classes that they specifically needed and demanded more of them than the co-op classes would have.  

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