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Need an online high school biology class - preferably recorded

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I am the Mom of 2 high school boys who have chronic illnesses that are impacting their education.  We're working with lots of medical specialists to control symptoms.  I need suggestions for on line biology classes that are recorded by there is also grading done by a teacher.  Could you please give me your suggestions? I am open to both secular and religious biology options.

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Secular:  DD is an alumna of Texas Tech University High School. She took Biology from them. It required one Lab Kit. Your boys could (I think) just enroll for that course, as Supplemental students, without enrolling in the school. If you want an accredited grade, then you need an    approved Proctor to supervise the Final Exam. The Final Exam MUST be passed.  TTUISD is now TTU K-12.   This is Distance Learning and the courses are Asynchronous so they require a lot of Self-Discipline and Time Management skills.  That might be one possibility for your boys.  There are others and I am bumping your thread hoping others will have other ideas for you.      https://www.depts.ttu.edu/k12/

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