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Any recommendations for Honors English Literature class for senior?

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It might help if you could "narrow the field" a bit for us... 😉

Live class component... or "asynchronous" or self-paced?
AP English Literature... or not?
Christian... or secular... or doesn't matter?
Literature to coincide with your History studies... or not?
Does the student enjoy Literature... or just wants a "get 'er done" course?
Does the student have a preferred type of literature (genre, time period, author, type of theme, etc... or it doesn't matter?

A few possibilities without knowing any of your specific needs/wants other than "Honors":
- The Potter's School (Christian): AP English Lit & Comp; Honors American, British, or World Lit. & Comp.
- Wilson Hill Academy (Christian): works of: C.S. Lewis; JRR Tolkien; Fyodor Dostoevski -- summer classes: Jane Austen, Flannery O'Connor; Poetry
- Lukeion (secular): AP English Lit. & Comp; Muse Lit. in Translation; Classical Bard; Mythology series
- Blue Tent (secular): AP English Lit & Comp; Advanced Senior English


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How about Julia Denne's Russian Literature classes? www.bytheonionsea.com

We are going to do War and Peace this winter and spring. I don't know what it will be next year, you can always reach out to her and decide. 

But I can attest to the high quality discussions that happen in her classes. She is an excellent teacher. 

Classes are live, meet once a week. The the end, there is a essay/research paper. She is great about giving very constructive and helpful feedback. 

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