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Books featuring 2e characters

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I’m looking for books featuring 2e characters. For the purposes of the request, I would define “twice exceptional” as any level of high intelligence along with any learning difference or disability. Middle grades books would be the sweet spot right now, but others are welcome.

Examples to get the list started would be This is Not the Abby Show and Out of My Mind, both of which my kid absolutely loved.

Tanaqui, you can consider this a request for a booklist if you have one!

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The Lemonade War series focuses on two siblings, one who is grade skipped, gifted, and struggles with people and social situations, and one who struggles with academics (in ways that seem like LD) but is socially gifted. 


The Miscalculations of Lightning girl has a protagonist who is PG with a particular strength in math, and has OCD and anxiety. Her grandmother insists that she go to middle school for a year before going to college full time. I found it quite good at handling both sides. (Warning-this is a dead/dying animal book).



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