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BRILLIANT software find for science/math writing :)

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This is quite possibly the BEST software find OF MY LIFE. For those of you who teach or write about science and/or math, this could be life changing. Particularly those who need to write out chemical formulae all the time and who are so sick of “Shift-C-shift-H-subscript-3-off subscript-shift-C-shift-H-subscript-2-off subscript and on and on…” or “Shift-H-subscript-2-off subscript-shift-P-shift-O-subscript-4-off subscript-superscript-1-off superscript“, etc. that they could scream.
I present…
And if you already knew about this, WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME?!?!? 😜😁
The above is the link to the science tools but if you go up to “Products”, then FX Draw is their math tool product. But back to the science tools…

The FX Chem and FX ChemStruct tools are BRILLIANT. You can download the trials for free and check it out. The trials have all the functionality of the paid version but have a watermark over any structure or equation you export. The paid version is only $40USD for a year.

If I open up FX Chem and just type in h2po41- with no capitals, subscripts, superscripts – NOTHIN’ – it gives me a fully formatted formula. If I type that (but slightly altered as poohoho :)) into FX ChemStruct, it gives me a Lewis structure like the one below. I didn't even need to tell it that there would be a charge or where the double bond would be.



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