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Who’s going to tackle Monday with me?

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I spent most of the wee hours smacking my snooze buttons.

I need to finish the reports I promised to send "over the weekend."

Other than that, it should be the same as most Mondays ... though I will need to drive the kids tonight as our driver is busy with medical stuff.

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Morning all!

Today's list:

  • start laundry (waiting for one of the boys to get out of the shower, our hot water tank is very small...)
  • morning dishes and tidy/sweep the downstairs
  • school with the younger ones
  • hang laundry
  • school with the older ones
  • lunch and afternoon dishes
  • start dough for supper
  • take dd to piano lesson, run to the pharmacy, and do science and grammar lessons with ds during piano
  • finish school bits
  • get pizzas ready for the oven
  • ds to soccer practice
  • homemade pizza for supper
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Good morning!

Done: saw dh off, fed cats, coffee, bible study and posted online (I started today leading a study online with moms from our homeschool group. We're studying Ruth using materials from Love God Greatly.)

To Do:

  • meals 
  • grocery store
  • school with ds
  • tutor 2 students 
  • pay bills/update checking record
  • take ds to swim tonight
  • sort through some school and co-op stuff I have stored in dd's room
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Good morning!

Amy, I like your new pic - very nice!

My list today is a repeat of all the things that have gone undone the past few days. :mellow: Kinda tired of making the same old list every day, so maybe I should just go ahead and get things crossed off...

  • office work - bills, file my pile
  • vacuum & dust main floor
  • clean out remodeling stuff from kitchen cabinet, dump in garage for dh to deal with😁
  • go through subscribe & save list
  • clean out tack trunk in mudroom
  • clear off kitchen counters
  • look through pantry & freezer & make a menu plan
  • take dog to vet at 2:30 for Adequan injection
  • order a couple grocery items (tamari & nutritional yeast)
  • dinner: homemade hashbrowns with garlic, spinach, and tomatoes
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Good morning! dd2 left early for morning practice- she is adding a couple of practices this week, we will see how it is going to go. And we have a late night tennis match in the city tonight- so the day has stretched out to be a very long one.

  • coffee/paper
  • ds3 to dr appointment
  • home to garden/chores
  • school with ds3
  • he will sneak in a nap
  • bills/banking etc
  • more car stuff
  • more chores and pick up from the weekend
  • ds3 hs practice
  • home for early dinner and rest
  • leave for match
  • Home late, late late

Have a great day!

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Good morning! I was awake for a couple of hours in the wee hours, so then was in deep sleep and overslept this morning. Coffee is helping, but still feeling like I am behind on the day/week from the get-go. A late afternoon meeting just got cancelled and that gives me some wiggle room today. 

School with Ds. Slow today, but good work. 
Pay bills and update budget
Reschedule coffee with a friend
Confirm Friday appt.
Check consignment details and make a plan  The sale is later than usual and my life is too busy for me to work. Just selling. Maybe buying a few things, but I will miss the best things bc not shopping early with workers. 
Call mom
Walmart with Ds for items for camping trip and grocery items. 
Menu planning - decide what to make tonight. Needs to be enough for leftovers tomorrow night.
Check main library hours 
Lesson prep for Wed night

AHG things  Some done, always more to do....



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human care done

pet care done

medical care done

caught and fixed what would have been a huge financial mistake if I hadn't caught it.  (Note to self :  don't mark that you have paid a bill and file it before you actually paid it even if you were intending to do it in the next couple of minutes because someone might come and talk to you and then you leave to take care of other things and when you come back you think that you had already done it and yet you really hadn't. . . ) 

sent in my Letter of Intent one day late. 

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Vacuumed main floor

Cleaned kitchen, ran dishwasher

3rd load of laundry is started

Put away a basket of towels

Did horse chores

Went through subscribe & save list (several of my items seem to be perpetually "unavailable" now...not sure what is up with that)

Placed orders from Amazon & Boxed

Got all the cans of paint, wood filler, sandpaper, tools, etc. out of my kitchen cabinet (my boys have many talents, but being tidy and organized is not among them 🙄)

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Back from doctor's- confirmed that ds3 is allergic to all nuts. Sigh. We were pretty sure and had been operating on that assumption for a long time, but still. Basically, he can't eat them. We all feel fortunate that it is not worse, but combined with OAS, he has a pretty simple diet.

Grocery store while ds3 took a Bendaryl and napped. Also paid some bills and checked that transfers have gone through.

Taking a break before some cleaning.

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Monday was disrupted by my daughter asking me to pick her up from work and take her to the doctor (who told her to hydrate and then lectured her on other things that we weren't in there for, didn't apply to her, and she discusses only with her regular physician).

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Dinner is chx chili (on the stove now) and spinach salad, which is not made yet. 

Walmart run was only partly successful. I'm $30 over my grocery budget, found one thing Ds needs for this weekend's campout, but not another. Need to make a thrift store run later this week. 

Scout Committee mtg tonight. I have no practical skills or knowledge to offer scouts, but maybe I can assist the troop in an admin sort of way.

Next up: check the soup, check some school work, make the salad.






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Feeling very accomplished because I got rid of three piles of books, magazines, papers, and assorted scraps that were on the counter by my computer.

Figured out five dinners I can make using ingredients I have on hand.

Used a Visa prepaid card that I got through a rebate to buy an Amazon gift card.

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6 hours ago, Jean in Newcastle said:

Hard day today. My blood sugars were in free fall more than once and weren’t wanting to stabilize. Tonight my muscles have been cramping big time because potassium leaches out of the bloodstream with hypoglycemia. Going to tweak my meds. 

I pray you can get the meds tweaked to prevent that happening, Jean! 

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